Junlang Zhan


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Named Entity Recognition Only from Word Embeddings
Ying Luo | Hai Zhao | Junlang Zhan
Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)

Deep neural network models have helped named entity recognition achieve amazing performance without handcrafting features. However, existing systems require large amounts of human annotated training data. Efforts have been made to replace human annotations with external knowledge (e.g., NE dictionary, part-of-speech tags), while it is another challenge to obtain such effective resources. In this work, we propose a fully unsupervised NE recognition model which only needs to take informative clues from pre-trained word embeddings.We first apply Gaussian Hidden Markov Model and Deep Autoencoding Gaussian Mixture Model on word embeddings for entity span detection and type prediction, and then further design an instance selector based on reinforcement learning to distinguish positive sentences from noisy sentences and then refine these coarse-grained annotations through neural networks. Extensive experiments on two CoNLL benchmark NER datasets (CoNLL-2003 English dataset and CoNLL-2002 Spanish dataset) demonstrate that our proposed light NE recognition model achieves remarkable performance without using any annotated lexicon or corpus.