Katrina Olsen


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AbLit: A Resource for Analyzing and Generating Abridged Versions of English Literature
Melissa Roemmele | Kyle Shaffer | Katrina Olsen | Yiyi Wang | Steve DeNeefe
Proceedings of the 17th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Creating an abridged version of a text involves shortening it while maintaining its linguistic qualities. In this paper, we examine this task from an NLP perspective for the first time. We present a new resource, AbLit, which is derived from abridged versions of English literature books. The dataset captures passage-level alignments between the original and abridged texts. We characterize the linguistic relations of these alignments, and create automated models to predict these relations as well as to generate abridgements for new texts. Our findings establish abridgement as a challenging task, motivating future resources and research. The dataset is available at github.com/roemmele/AbLit.

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Gender, names and other mysteries: Towards the ambiguous for gender-inclusive translation
Danielle Saunders | Katrina Olsen
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Gender-Inclusive Translation Technologies

The vast majority of work on gender in MT focuses on ‘unambiguous’ inputs, where gender markers in the source language are expected to be resolved in the output. Conversely, this paper explores the widespread case where the source sentence lacks explicit gender markers, but the target sentence contains them due to richer grammatical gender. We particularly focus on inputs containing person names. Investigating such sentence pairs casts a new light on research into MT gender bias and its mitigation. We find that many name-gender co-occurrences in MT data are not resolvable with ‘unambiguous gender’ in the source language, and that gender-ambiguous examples can make up a large proportion of training examples. From this, we discuss potential steps toward gender-inclusive translation which accepts the ambiguity in both gender and translation.