Kenji Satoh


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Speech-Activated Text Retrieval System for Cellular Phones with Web Browsing Capability
Takahiro Ikeda | Shin-ya Ishikawa | Kiyokazu Miki | Fumihiro Adachi | Ryosuke Isotani | Kenji Satoh | Akitoshi Okumura
Proceedings of the 19th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

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Japanese Language Analaysis for Syntactic Tree Mining to Extract Characteristic Contents
Yohsuke Sakao | Takahiro Ikeda | Kenji Satoh | Susumu Akamine
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit X: Posters

Existing syntactic ordered tree mining methods for extracting characteristic contents from text sets have two problems: 1) subtrees which are semantically the same but are different ordered trees fail to be considered equivalent, and 2) raw extracted subtrees can be difficult to understand. In order to avoid these problems, we have developed a method of transforming all ordered trees so that the ordered trees having the same meaning are considered equivalent. We have also developed a method of constructing Japanese texts from extracted subtrees, and evaluated the effectiveness of our methods as applied to syntactic tree mining.


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Automatic Interpretation System Integrating Free-Style Sentence Translation and Parallel Text Based Translation
Takahiro Ikeda | Shinichi Ando | Kenji Satoh | Akitoshi Okumura
Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Speech-to-Speech Translation: Algorithms and Systems


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An Interactive Translation Support Facility for Non-Professional Users
Kiyoshi Yamabana | Kazunori Muraki | Shin-ichiro Kamei | Kenji Satoh | Shinichi Doi | Shinko Tamura
Fifth Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing


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TWP: How to Assist English Production on Japanese Word Processor
Kazunori Muraki | Susumu Akamine | Kenji Satoh | Sinichi Ando
COLING 1994 Volume 2: The 15th International Conference on Computational Linguistics