Kristīne Levāne-Petrova

Also published as: Kristīne Levāne


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LaVALatvian Language Learner corpus
Roberts Darģis | Ilze Auziņa | Inga Kaija | Kristīne Levāne-Petrova | Kristīne Pokratniece
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

This paper presents the Latvian Language Learner Corpus (LaVA) developed at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia. LaVA corpus contains 1015 essays (190k tokens and 790k characters excluding whitespaces) from foreigners studying at Latvian higher education institutions and who are learning Latvian as a foreign language in the first or second semester, reaching the A1 (possibly A2) Latvian language proficiency level. The corpus has morphological and error annotations. Error analysis and the statistics of the LaVA corpus are also provided in the paper. The corpus is publicly available at:

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Latvian National Corpora Collection –
Baiba Saulite | Roberts Darģis | Normunds Gruzitis | Ilze Auzina | Kristīne Levāne-Petrova | Lauma Pretkalniņa | Laura Rituma | Peteris Paikens | Arturs Znotins | Laine Strankale | Kristīne Pokratniece | Ilmārs Poikāns | Guntis Barzdins | Inguna Skadiņa | Anda Baklāne | Valdis Saulespurēns | Jānis Ziediņš
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

LNCC is a diverse collection of Latvian language corpora representing both written and spoken language and is useful for both linguistic research and language modelling. The collection is intended to cover diverse Latvian language use cases and all the important text types and genres (e.g. news, social media, blogs, books, scientific texts, debates, essays, etc.), taking into account both quality and size aspects. To reach this objective, LNCC is a continuous multi-institutional and multi-project effort, supported by the Digital Humanities and Language Technology communities in Latvia. LNCC includes a broad range of Latvian texts from the Latvian National Library, Culture Information Systems Centre, Latvian National News Agency, Latvian Parliament, Latvian web crawl, various Latvian publishers, and from the Latvian language corpora created by Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science and its partners, including spoken language corpora. All corpora of LNCC are re-annotated with a uniform morpho-syntactic annotation scheme which enables federated search and consistent linguistics analysis in all the LNCC corpora, as well as facilitates to select and mix various corpora for pre-training large Latvian language models like BERT and GPT.


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Quality Focused Approach to a Learner Corpus Development
Roberts Darģis | Ilze Auziņa | Kristīne Levāne-Petrova | Inga Kaija
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

The paper presents quality focused approach to a learner corpus development. The methodology was developed with multiple design considerations put in place to make the annotation process easier and at the same time reduce the amount of mistakes that could be introduced due to inconsistent text correction or carelessness. The approach suggested in this paper consists of multiple parts: comparison of digitized texts by several annotators, text correction, automated morphological analysis, and manual review of annotations. The described approach is used to create Latvian Language Learner corpus (LaVA) which is part of a currently ongoing project Development of Learner corpus of Latvian: methods, tools and applications.


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The Use of Text Alignment in Semi-Automatic Error Analysis: Use Case in the Development of the Corpus of the Latvian Language Learners
Roberts Darģis | Ilze Auziņa | Kristīne Levāne-Petrova
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2018)


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A Prague Markup Language profile for the SemTi-Kamols grammar model
Lauma Pretkalniņa | Gunta Nešpore | Kristīne Levāne-Petrova | Baiba Saulīte
Proceedings of the 18th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2011)


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Morphemic Analysis and Morphological Tagging of Latvian Corpus
Kristīne Levāne | Andrejs Spektors
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC’00)