Kuo-Feng Luo


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Tracking Words in Chinese Poetry of Tang and Song Dynasties with the China Biographical Database
Chao-Lin Liu | Kuo-Feng Luo
Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Technology Resources and Tools for Digital Humanities (LT4DH)

(This is the abstract for the submission.) Large-scale comparisons between the poetry of Tang and Song dynasties shed light on how words and expressions were used and shared among the poets. That some words were used only in the Tang poetry and some only in the Song poetry could lead to interesting research in linguistics. That the most frequent colors are different in the Tang and Song poetry provides a trace of the changing social circumstances in the dynasties. Results of the current work link to research topics of lexicography, semantics, and social transitions. We discuss our findings and present our algorithms for efficient comparisons among the poems, which are crucial for completing billion times of comparisons within acceptable time.