Lala Li


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Big Bidirectional Insertion Representations for Documents
Lala Li | William Chan
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Neural Generation and Translation

The Insertion Transformer is well suited for long form text generation due to its parallel generation capabilities, requiring O(log2 n) generation steps to generate n tokens. However, modeling long sequences is difficult, as there is more ambiguity captured in the attention mechanism. This work proposes the Big Bidirectional Insertion Representations for Documents (Big BIRD), an insertion-based model for document-level translation tasks. We scale up the insertion-based models to long form documents. Our key contribution is introducing sentence alignment via sentence-positional embeddings between the source and target document. We show an improvement of +4.3 BLEU on the WMT’19 English->German document-level translation task compared with the Insertion Transformer baseline.