Laurens Meeus


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Automatically extracting the semantic network out of public services to support cities becoming Smart Cities
Joachim Van den Bogaert | Laurens Meeus | Alina Kramchaninova | Arne Defauw | Sara Szoc | Frederic Everaert | Koen Van Winckel | Anna Bardadym | Tom Vanallemeersch
Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation

The CEFAT4Cities project aims at creating a multilingual semantic interoperability layer for Smart Cities that allows users from all EU member States to interact with public services in their own language. The CEFAT4Cities processing pipeline transforms natural-language administrative procedures into machine-readable data using various multilingual Natural Language Processing techniques, such as semantic networks and machine translation, thus allowing for the development of more sophisticated and more user-friendly public services applications.