Lingfeng Shen


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On the Evaluation Metrics for Paraphrase Generation
Lingfeng Shen | Lemao Liu | Haiyun Jiang | Shuming Shi
Proceedings of the 2022 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

In this paper we revisit automatic metrics for paraphrase evaluation and obtain two findings that disobey conventional wisdom: (1) Reference-free metrics achieve better performance than their reference-based counterparts. (2) Most commonly used metrics do not align well with human annotation.Underlying reasons behind the above findings are explored through additional experiments and in-depth analyses.Based on the experiments and analyses, we propose ParaScore, a new evaluation metric for paraphrase generation. It possesses the merits of reference-based and reference-free metrics and explicitly models lexical divergence. Based on our analysis and improvements, our proposed reference-based outperforms than reference-free metrics.Experimental results demonstrate that ParaScore significantly outperforms existing metrics.