Lisa Schäfer


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Script knowledge constrains ellipses in fragments – Evidence from production data and language modeling
Robin Lemke | Lisa Schäfer | Heiner Drenhaus | Ingo Reich
Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics 2020


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Multilingual Ontologies for the Representation and Processing of Folktales
Thierry Declerck | Anastasija Aman | Martin Banzer | Dominik Macháček | Lisa Schäfer | Natalia Skachkova
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Language technology for Digital Humanities in Central and (South-)Eastern Europe

We describe work done in the field of folkloristics and consisting in creating ontologies based on well-established studies proposed by “classical” folklorists. This work is supporting the availability of a huge amount of digital and structured knowledge on folktales to digital humanists. The ontological encoding of past and current motif-indexation and classification systems for folktales was in the first step limited to English language data. This led us to focus on making those newly generated formal knowledge sources available in a few more languages, like German, Russian and Bulgarian. We stress the importance of achieving this multilingual extension of our ontologies at a larger scale, in order for example to support the automated analysis and classification of such narratives in a large variety of languages, as those are getting more and more accessible on the Web.