Lucas Domingos


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A Semantics of Spatial Expressions for interacting with unmanned aerial vehicles
Lucas Domingos | Paulo Santos
Proceedings of the The 20th Annual Workshop of the Australasian Language Technology Association

This paper describes an investigation of establishing communication between a quadro- tor and a human by means of qualitative spatial relations using speech recognition. It is based on a system capable to receive, interpret, process, act, transmit and execute the commands given. This system is composed of a quadrotor equipped with a GPS, IMU sensors and radio communication, and a computer acting as a ground station, that is capable of understanding and interpreting the received commands and correctly provide answers according to an underlying qualitative reasoning formalism. Tests were performed, whose results show that the error rate was less than five percent for vertical and radial dimensions, otherwise, in horizontal dimension, we had an error rate of almost ten percent.