Luciana Ramos


MT Post Editing challenges: Training happy and successful posteditors
Luciana Ramos
Proceedings of 1st Workshop on Post-Editing in Modern-Day Translation


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Post-editing time as a measure of cognitive effort
Maarit Koponen | Wilker Aziz | Luciana Ramos | Lucia Specia
Workshop on Post-Editing Technology and Practice

Post-editing machine translations has been attracting increasing attention both as a common practice within the translation industry and as a way to evaluate Machine Translation (MT) quality via edit distance metrics between the MT and its post-edited version. Commonly used metrics such as HTER are limited in that they cannot fully capture the effort required for post-editing. Particularly, the cognitive effort required may vary for different types of errors and may also depend on the context. We suggest post-editing time as a way to assess some of the cognitive effort involved in post-editing. This paper presents two experiments investigating the connection between post-editing time and cognitive effort. First, we examine whether sentences with long and short post-editing times involve edits of different levels of difficulty. Second, we study the variability in post-editing time and other statistics among editors.


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Post-Editing Free Machine Translation: From a Language Vendor’s Perspective
Luciana Ramos
Proceedings of the 9th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Commercial MT User Program

This paper presents a language vendor's perspective on the actual implementation of machine translation solutions in the translation/localization process. This lecture will be delivered at AMTA-2010 Conference, and a short video will accompany lecturer's speech.