Lyndon Nixon


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In Media Res: A Corpus for Evaluating Named Entity Linking with Creative Works
Adrian M.P. Brasoveanu | Albert Weichselbraun | Lyndon Nixon
Proceedings of the 24th Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning

Annotation styles express guidelines that direct human annotators in what rules to follow when creating gold standard annotations of text corpora. These guidelines not only shape the gold standards they help create, but also influence the training and evaluation of Named Entity Linking (NEL) tools, since different annotation styles correspond to divergent views on the entities present in the same texts. Such divergence is particularly present in texts from the media domain that contain references to creative works. In this work we present a corpus of 1000 annotated documents selected from the media domain. Each document is presented with multiple gold standard annotations representing various annotation styles. This corpus is used to evaluate a series of Named Entity Linking tools in order to understand the impact of the differences in annotation styles on the reported accuracy when processing highly ambiguous entities such as names of creative works. Relaxed annotation guidelines that include overlap styles lead to better results across all tools.


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Character-based Neural Embeddings for Tweet Clustering
Svitlana Vakulenko | Lyndon Nixon | Mihai Lupu
Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media

In this paper we show how the performance of tweet clustering can be improved by leveraging character-based neural networks. The proposed approach overcomes the limitations related to the vocabulary explosion in the word-based models and allows for the seamless processing of the multilingual content. Our evaluation results and code are available on-line: