Mahathir Bishal


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COMBATANT@TamilNLP-ACL2022: Fine-grained Categorization of Abusive Comments using Logistic Regression
Alamgir Hossain | Mahathir Bishal | Eftekhar Hossain | Omar Sharif | Mohammed Moshiul Hoque
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Speech and Language Technologies for Dravidian Languages

With the widespread usage of social media and effortless internet access, millions of posts and comments are generated every minute. Unfortunately, with this substantial rise, the usage of abusive language has increased significantly in these mediums. This proliferation leads to many hazards such as cyber-bullying, vulgarity, online harassment and abuse. Therefore, it becomes a crucial issue to detect and mitigate the usage of abusive language. This work presents our system developed as part of the shared task to detect the abusive language in Tamil. We employed three machine learning (LR, DT, SVM), two deep learning (CNN+BiLSTM, CNN+BiLSTM with FastText) and a transformer-based model (Indic-BERT). The experimental results show that Logistic regression (LR) and CNN+BiLSTM models outperformed the others. Both Logistic Regression (LR) and CNN+BiLSTM with FastText achieved the weighted F1-score of 0.39. However, LR obtained a higher recall value (0.44) than CNN+BiLSTM (0.36). This leads us to stand the 2nd rank in the shared task competition.