Mahdi Dehghan


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Persian SemCor: A Bag of Word Sense Annotated Corpus for the Persian Language
Hossein Rouhizadeh | Mehrnoush Shamsfard | Mahdi Dehghan | Masoud Rouhizadeh
Proceedings of the 11th Global Wordnet Conference

Supervised approaches usually achieve the best performance in the Word Sense Disambiguation problem. However, the unavailability of large sense annotated corpora for many low-resource languages make these approaches inapplicable for them in practice. In this paper, we mitigate this issue for the Persian language by proposing a fully automatic approach for obtaining Persian SemCor (PerSemCor), as a Persian Bag-of-Word (BoW) sense-annotated corpus. We evaluated PerSemCor both intrinsically and extrinsically and showed that it can be effectively used as training sets for Persian supervised WSD systems. To encourage future research on Persian Word Sense Disambiguation, we release the PerSemCor in