Malak A. Abdullah


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LeCun at SemEval-2021 Task 6: Detecting Persuasion Techniques in Text Using Ensembled Pretrained Transformers and Data Augmentation
Dia Abujaber | Ahmed Qarqaz | Malak A. Abdullah
Proceedings of the 15th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval-2021)

We developed a system for task 6 sub-task 1 for detecting propaganda in memes. An external dataset and augmentation data-set were used to extend the official competition data-set. Data augmentation techniques were applied on the external data-set and competition data-set to come up with the augmented data-set. We trained 5 transformers (DeBERTa, and 4 RoBERTa) and ensembled them to make the prediction. We trained 1 RoBERTa model initially on the augmented data-set for a few epochs and then fine-tuned it on the competition data-set which improved the f1-micro up to 0.1 scores. After that, another initial RoBERTa model was trained on the external data-set merged with the augmented data-set for few epochs and fine-tuned it on the competition data-set. Furthermore, we ensembled the initial models with the models after fine-tuning. For the final model in the ensemble, we trained a DeBERTa model on the augmented data-set without fine-tuning it on the competition data-set. Finally, we averaged the output of each model in the ensemble to make the prediction.