Manan Vyas


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Raphael at ArAIEval Shared Task: Understanding Persuasive Language and Tone, an LLM Approach
Utsav Shukla | Manan Vyas | Shailendra Tiwari
Proceedings of ArabicNLP 2023

The widespread dissemination of propaganda and disinformation on both social media and mainstream media platforms has become an urgent concern, attracting the interest of various stakeholders such as government bodies and social media companies. The challenge intensifies when dealing with understudied languages like Arabic. In this paper, we outline our approach for detecting persuasion techniques in Arabic tweets and news article paragraphs. We submitted our system to ArAIEval 2023 Shared Task 1, covering both subtasks. Our main contributions include utilizing GPT-3 to discern tone and potential persuasion techniques in text, exploring various base language models, and employing a multi-task learning approach for the specified subtasks.


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Experiments in Candidate Phrase Selection for Financial Named Entity Extraction - A Demo
Aman Kumar | Hassan Alam | Tina Werner | Manan Vyas
Proceedings of COLING 2016, the 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: System Demonstrations

In this study we develop a system that tags and extracts financial concepts called financial named entities (FNE) along with corresponding numeric values – monetary and temporal. We employ machine learning and natural language processing methods to identify financial concepts and dates, and link them to numerical entities.