Manoj Pooleery


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MADAMIRA: A Fast, Comprehensive Tool for Morphological Analysis and Disambiguation of Arabic
Arfath Pasha | Mohamed Al-Badrashiny | Mona Diab | Ahmed El Kholy | Ramy Eskander | Nizar Habash | Manoj Pooleery | Owen Rambow | Ryan Roth
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14)

In this paper, we present MADAMIRA, a system for morphological analysis and disambiguation of Arabic that combines some of the best aspects of two previously commonly used systems for Arabic processing, MADA (Habash and Rambow, 2005; Habash et al., 2009; Habash et al., 2013) and AMIRA (Diab et al., 2007). MADAMIRA improves upon the two systems with a more streamlined Java implementation that is more robust, portable, extensible, and is faster than its ancestors by more than an order of magnitude. We also discuss an online demo (see that highlights these aspects.


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DIRA: Dialectal Arabic Information Retrieval Assistant
Arfath Pasha | Mohammad Al-Badrashiny | Mohamed Altantawy | Nizar Habash | Manoj Pooleery | Owen Rambow | Ryan M. Roth | Mona Diab
The Companion Volume of the Proceedings of IJCNLP 2013: System Demonstrations