Marc Solé


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Multiplying the Potential of Crowdsourcing with Machine Translation
Victor Muntés-Mulero | Patricia Paladini Adell | Marc Solé | Jawad Manzoor
Proceedings of the 10th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Commercial MT User Program

Machine Translation (MT) is said to be the next lingua franca. With the evolution of new technologies and the capacity to produce a humungous number of written digital documents, human translators will not be able to translate documentation fast enough. However, some applications require a level of quality that is still beyond that provided by MT. Thanks to the increased capacity of communication provided by new technologies, people can also interact and collaborate to work remotely. With this, crowd computing is becoming more common and it has been proposed as a feasible solution for translation. In this paper, we discuss about the relationship between crowdsourcing and MT, and the main challenges for the MT community to multiply the potential of the crowd.