Maria Kobozeva


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Towards the Data-driven System for Rhetorical Parsing of Russian Texts
Elena Chistova | Maria Kobozeva | Dina Pisarevskaya | Artem Shelmanov | Ivan Smirnov | Svetlana Toldova
Proceedings of the Workshop on Discourse Relation Parsing and Treebanking 2019

Results of the first experimental evaluation of machine learning models trained on Ru-RSTreebank – first Russian corpus annotated within RST framework – are presented. Various lexical, quantitative, morphological, and semantic features were used. In rhetorical relation classification, ensemble of CatBoost model with selected features and a linear SVM model provides the best score (macro F1 = 54.67 ± 0.38). We discover that most of the important features for rhetorical relation classification are related to discourse connectives derived from the connectives lexicon for Russian and from other sources.


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Rhetorical relations markers in Russian RST Treebank
Svetlana Toldova | Dina Pisarevskaya | Margarita Ananyeva | Maria Kobozeva | Alexander Nasedkin | Sofia Nikiforova | Irina Pavlova | Alexey Shelepov
Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Recent Advances in RST and Related Formalisms