Mariana Vargas-Vieyra


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Joint Learning of the Graph and the Data Representation for Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning
Mariana Vargas-Vieyra | Aurélien Bellet | Pascal Denis
Proceedings of the Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing (TextGraphs)

Graph-based semi-supervised learning is appealing when labels are scarce but large amounts of unlabeled data are available. These methods typically use a heuristic strategy to construct the graph based on some fixed data representation, independently of the available labels. In this pa- per, we propose to jointly learn a data representation and a graph from both labeled and unlabeled data such that (i) the learned representation indirectly encodes the label information injected into the graph, and (ii) the graph provides a smooth topology with respect to the transformed data. Plugging the resulting graph and representation into existing graph-based semi-supervised learn- ing algorithms like label spreading and graph convolutional networks, we show that our approach outperforms standard graph construction methods on both synthetic data and real datasets.