Marilù Miotto


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Who is GPT-3? An exploration of personality, values and demographics
Marilù Miotto | Nicola Rossberg | Bennett Kleinberg
Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Computational Social Science (NLP+CSS)

Language models such as GPT-3 have caused a furore in the research community. Some studies found that GPT-3 has some creative abilities and makes mistakes that are on par with human behaviour. This paper answers a related question: Who is GPT-3? We administered two validated measurement tools to GPT-3 to assess its personality, the values it holds and its self-reported demographics. Our results show that GPT-3 scores similarly to human samples in terms of personality and - when provided with a model response memory - in terms of the values it holds. We provide the first evidence of psychological assessment of the GPT-3 model and thereby add to our understanding of this language model. We close with suggestions for future research that moves social science closer to language models and vice versa.