Markus Becker


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Frugal Paradigm Completion
Alexander Erdmann | Tom Kenter | Markus Becker | Christian Schallhart
Proceedings of the 58th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Lexica distinguishing all morphologically related forms of each lexeme are crucial to many language technologies, yet building them is expensive. We propose a frugal paradigm completion approach that predicts all related forms in a morphological paradigm from as few manually provided forms as possible. It induces typological information during training which it uses to determine the best sources at test time. We evaluate our language-agnostic approach on 7 diverse languages. Compared to popular alternative approaches, ours reduces manual labor by 16-63% and is the most robust to typological variation.


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Investigating the Effects of Selective Sampling on the Annotation Task
Ben Hachey | Beatrice Alex | Markus Becker
Proceedings of the Ninth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL-2005)


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Integrated Shallow and Deep Parsing: TopP Meets HPSG
Anette Frank | Markus Becker | Berthold Crysmann | Bernd Kiefer | Ulrich Schäfer
Proceedings of the 41st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics


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A Stochastic Topological Parser for German
Markus Becker | Anette Frank
COLING 2002: The 19th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

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An Integrated Archictecture for Shallow and Deep Processing
Berthold Crysmann | Anette Frank | Bernd Kiefer | Stefan Mueller | Guenter Neumann | Jakub Piskorski | Ulrich Schaefer | Melanie Siegel | Hans Uszkoreit | Feiyu Xu | Markus Becker | Hans-Ulrich Krieger
Proceedings of the 40th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics


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An Information Extraction Core System for Real World German Text Processing
Gunter Neumann | Rolf Backofen | Judith Baur | Markus Becker | Christian Braun
Fifth Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing