Martin Rebane


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An Experiment: Finding Parents for Parentless Synsets by Means of CILI
Ahti Lohk | Martin Rebane | Heili Orav
Proceedings of the 12th Global Wordnet Conference

Identifying and correcting inconsistencies in wordnets is a natural part of their development. Focusing only on the subproblem of missing links, we aim to find automatically possible parents for parentless synsets in IS-A hierarchies of a target wordnet by means of source wordnets where target and source wordnets are in XML-format and equipped with Collaborative Interlingual Index (CILI). In this paper, we describe the algorithm and provide statistics on the possible parents of parentless synsets of the wordnets included in the study. Additionally, we investigate the suitability of the proposed potential parent synsets for correcting noun and verb synsets within the Estonian wordnet.