Max Fleming


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Fine-tuning Transformers for Identifying Self-Reporting Potential Cases and Symptoms of COVID-19 in Tweets
Max Fleming | Priyanka Dondeti | Caitlin Dreisbach | Adam Poliak
Proceedings of the Sixth Social Media Mining for Health (#SMM4H) Workshop and Shared Task

We describe our straight-forward approach for Tasks 5 and 6 of 2021 Social Media Min- ing for Health Applications (SMM4H) shared tasks. Our system is based on fine-tuning Dis- tillBERT on each task, as well as first fine- tuning the model on the other task. In this paper, we additionally explore how much fine- tuning is necessary for accurately classifying tweets as containing self-reported COVID-19 symptoms (Task 5) or whether a tweet related to COVID-19 is self-reporting, non-personal reporting, or a literature/news mention of the virus (Task 6).


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Collecting Verified COVID-19 Question Answer Pairs
Adam Poliak | Max Fleming | Cash Costello | Kenton Murray | Mahsa Yarmohammadi | Shivani Pandya | Darius Irani | Milind Agarwal | Udit Sharma | Shuo Sun | Nicola Ivanov | Lingxi Shang | Kaushik Srinivasan | Seolhwa Lee | Xu Han | Smisha Agarwal | João Sedoc
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on NLP for COVID-19 (Part 2) at EMNLP 2020

We release a dataset of over 2,100 COVID19 related Frequently asked Question-Answer pairs scraped from over 40 trusted websites. We include an additional 24, 000 questions pulled from online sources that have been aligned by experts with existing answered questions from our dataset. This paper describes our efforts in collecting the dataset and summarizes the resulting data. Our dataset is automatically updated daily and available at scraping-qas. So far, this data has been used to develop a chatbot providing users information about COVID-19. We encourage others to build analytics and tools upon this dataset as well.