Mehdi M. Kashani


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Integration of an Arabic Transliteration Module into a Statistical Machine Translation System
Mehdi M. Kashani | Eric Joanis | Roland Kuhn | George Foster | Fred Popowich
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation


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Automatic Transliteration of Proper Nouns from Arabic to English
Mehdi M. Kashani | Fred Popowich | Fatiha Sadat
Proceedings of the International Conference on the Challenge of Arabic for NLP/MT

After providing a brief introduction to the transliteration problem, and highlighting some issues specific to Arabic to English translation, a three phase algorithm is introduced as a computational solution to the problem. The algorithm is based on a Hidden Markov Model approach, but also leverages information available in on-line databases. The algorithm is then evaluated, and shown to achieve accuracy approaching .80%