Mengnan Zhao


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A Framework for Developing and Evaluating Word Embeddings of Drug-named Entity
Mengnan Zhao | Aaron J. Masino | Christopher C. Yang
Proceedings of the BioNLP 2018 workshop

We investigate the quality of task specific word embeddings created with relatively small, targeted corpora. We present a comprehensive evaluation framework including both intrinsic and extrinsic evaluation that can be expanded to named entities beyond drug name. Intrinsic evaluation results tell that drug name embeddings created with a domain specific document corpus outperformed the previously published versions that derived from a very large general text corpus. Extrinsic evaluation uses word embedding for the task of drug name recognition with Bi-LSTM model and the results demonstrate the advantage of using domain-specific word embeddings as the only input feature for drug name recognition with F1-score achieving 0.91. This work suggests that it may be advantageous to derive domain specific embeddings for certain tasks even when the domain specific corpus is of limited size.