Michaela Torkar


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A Distant Supervision Corpus for Extracting Biomedical Relationships Between Chemicals, Diseases and Genes
Dongxu Zhang | Sunil Mohan | Michaela Torkar | Andrew McCallum
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

We introduce ChemDisGene, a new dataset for training and evaluating multi-class multi-label biomedical relation extraction models. Our dataset contains 80k biomedical research abstracts labeled with mentions of chemicals, diseases, and genes, portions of which human experts labeled with 18 types of biomedical relationships between these entities (intended for evaluation), and the remainder of which (intended for training) has been distantly labeled via the CTD database with approximately 78% accuracy. In comparison to similar preexisting datasets, ours is both substantially larger and cleaner; it also includes annotations linking mentions to their entities. We also provide three baseline deep neural network relation extraction models trained and evaluated on our new dataset.