Michał Kaliński

Also published as: Michal Kalinski


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Adverbs in plWordNet: Theory and Implementation
Marek Maziarz | Stan Szpakowicz | Michal Kalinski
Proceedings of the 8th Global WordNet Conference (GWC)

Adverbs are seldom well represented in wordnets. Princeton WordNet, for example, derives from adjectives practically all its adverbs and whatever involvement they have. GermaNet stays away from this part of speech. Adverbs in plWordNet will be emphatically present in all their semantic and syntactic distinctness. We briefly discuss the linguistic background of the lexical system of Polish adverbs. We describe an automated generator of accurate candidate adverbs, and introduce the lexicographic procedures which will ensure high consistency of wordnet editors’ decisions about adverbs.


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Information Spreading in Expanding Wordnet Hypernymy Structure
Maciej Piasecki | Radosław Ramocki | Michał Kaliński
Proceedings of the International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing RANLP 2013