Michitaka Nakatsuji


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Construction of a Quality Estimation Dataset for Automatic Evaluation of Japanese Grammatical Error Correction
Daisuke Suzuki | Yujin Takahashi | Ikumi Yamashita | Taichi Aida | Tosho Hirasawa | Michitaka Nakatsuji | Masato Mita | Mamoru Komachi
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

In grammatical error correction (GEC), automatic evaluation is considered as an important factor for research and development of GEC systems. Previous studies on automatic evaluation have shown that quality estimation models built from datasets with manual evaluation can achieve high performance in automatic evaluation of English GEC. However, quality estimation models have not yet been studied in Japanese, because there are no datasets for constructing quality estimation models. In this study, therefore, we created a quality estimation dataset with manual evaluation to build an automatic evaluation model for Japanese GEC. By building a quality estimation model using this dataset and conducting a meta-evaluation, we verified the usefulness of the quality estimation model for Japanese GEC.