Mihály Nagy


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Use the Metadata, Luke! – An Experimental Joint Metadata Search and N-gram Trend Viewer for Personal Web Archives
Balázs Indig | Zsófia Sárközi-Lindner | Mihály Nagy
Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Digital Humanities

Many digital humanists (philologists, historians, sociologists, librarians, the audience for web archives) design their research around metadata (publication date ranges, sources, authors, etc.). However, current major web archives are limited to technical metadata while lacking high quality, descriptive metadata allowing for faceted queries. As researchers often lack the technical skill necessary to enrich existing web archives with descriptive metadata, they increasingly turn to creating personal web archives that contain such metadata, tailored to their research requirements. Software that enable creating such archives without advanced technical skills have gained popularity, however, tools for examination and querying are currently the missing link. We showcase a solution designed to fill this gap.