Mikel Lersundi

Also published as: M. Lersundi


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The annotation of the Central Unit in Rhetorical Structure Trees: A Key Step in Annotating Rhetorical Relations
Mikel Iruskieta | Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza | Mikel Lersundi
Proceedings of COLING 2014, the 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: Technical Papers


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A Finite-State Approach to Translate SNOMED CT Terms into Basque Using Medical Prefixes and Suffixes
Olatz Perez-de-Viñaspre | Maite Oronoz | Manex Agirrezabal | Mikel Lersundi
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing


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Use of Rich Linguistic Information to Translate Prepositions and Grammar Cases to Basque
Eneko Agirre | Aitziber Atutxa | Gorka Labaka | Mikel Lersundi | Aingeru Mayor | Kepa Sarasola
Proceedings of the 13th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation


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Spanish-to-Basque MultiEngine Machine Translation for a Restricted Domain
Iñaki Alegria | Arantza Casillas | Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza | Jon Igartua | Gorka Labaka | Mikel Lersundi | Aingeru Mayor | Kepa Sarasola
Proceedings of the 8th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Research Papers

We present our initial strategy for Spanish-to-Basque MultiEngine Machine Translation, a language pair with very different structure and word order and with no huge parallel corpus available. This hybrid proposal is based on the combination of three different MT paradigms: Example-Based MT, Statistical MT and Rule- Based MT. We have evaluated the system, reporting automatic evaluation metrics for a corpus in a test domain. The first results obtained are encouraging.

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Strategies for sustainable MT for Basque: incremental design, reusability, standardization and open-source
I. Alegria | X. Arregi | X. Artola | A. Diaz de Ilarraza | G. Labaka | M. Lersundi | A. Mayor | K. Sarasola
Proceedings of the IJCNLP-08 Workshop on NLP for Less Privileged Languages


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An Open Architecture for Transfer-based Machine Translation between Spanish and Basque
Iñaki Alegria | Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza | Gorka Labaka | Mikel Lersundi | Aingeru Mayor | Kepa Sarasola | Mikel L. Forcada | Sergio Ortiz-Rojas | Lluís Padró
Workshop on open-source machine translation

We present the current status of development of an open architecture for the translation from Spanish into Basque. The machine translation architecture uses an open source analyser for Spanish and new modules mainly based on finite-state transducers. The project is integrated in the OpenTrad initiative, a larger government funded project shared among different universities and small companies, which will also include MT engines for translation among the main languages in Spain. The main objective is the construction of an open, reusable and interoperable framework. This paper describes the design of the engine, the formats it uses for the communication among the modules, the modules reused from other project named Matxin and the new modules we are building.


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The Basque lexical-sample task
Eneko Agirre | Itziar Aldabe | Mikel Lersundi | David Martínez | Eli Pociello | Larraitz Uria
Proceedings of SENSEVAL-3, the Third International Workshop on the Evaluation of Systems for the Semantic Analysis of Text


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A Multilingual Approach to Disambiguate Prepositions and Case Suffixes
Eneko Agirre | Mikel Lersundi | David Martinez
Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Word Sense Disambiguation: Recent Successes and Future Directions


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The Basque Task: Did Systems Perform in the Upperbound?
Eneko Agirre | Elena Garcia | Mikel Lersundi | David Martinez | Eli Pociello
Proceedings of SENSEVAL-2 Second International Workshop on Evaluating Word Sense Disambiguation Systems