Ming Yi


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AMS_ADRN at SemEval-2022 Task 5: A Suitable Image-text Multimodal Joint Modeling Method for Multi-task Misogyny Identification
Da Li | Ming Yi | Yukai He
Proceedings of the 16th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval-2022)

Women are influential online, especially in image-based social media such as Twitter and Instagram. However, many in the network environment contain gender discrimination and aggressive information, which magnify gender stereotypes and gender inequality. Therefore, the filtering of illegal content such as gender discrimination is essential to maintain a healthy social network environment. In this paper, we describe the system developed by our team for SemEval-2022Task 5: Multimedia Automatic Misogyny Identification. More specifically, we introduce two novel system to analyze these posts: a multimodal multi-task learning architecture that combines Bertweet for text encoding with ResNet-18 for image representation, and a single-flow transformer structure which combines text embeddings from BERT-Embeddings and image embeddings from several different modules such as EfficientNet and ResNet. In this manner, we show that the information behind them can be properly revealed. Our approach achieves good performance on each of the two subtasks of the current competition, ranking 15th for Subtask A (0.746 macro F1-score), 11th for Subtask B (0.706 macro F1-score) while exceeding the official baseline results by high margins.