Mitchell DeHaven


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BEVERS: A General, Simple, and Performant Framework for Automatic Fact Verification
Mitchell DeHaven | Stephen Scott
Proceedings of the Sixth Fact Extraction and VERification Workshop (FEVER)

Automatic fact verification has become an increasingly popular topic in recent years and among datasets the Fact Extraction and VERification (FEVER) dataset is one of the most popular. In this work we present BEVERS, a tuned baseline system for the FEVER dataset. Our pipeline uses standard approaches for document retrieval, sentence selection, and final claim classification, however, we spend considerable effort ensuring optimal performance for each component. The results are that BEVERS achieves the highest FEVER score and label accuracy among all systems, published or unpublished. We also apply this pipeline to another fact verification dataset, Scifact, and achieve the highest label accuracy among all systems on that dataset as well. We also make our full code available.


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Machine-Assisted Script Curation
Manuel Ciosici | Joseph Cummings | Mitchell DeHaven | Alex Hedges | Yash Kankanampati | Dong-Ho Lee | Ralph Weischedel | Marjorie Freedman
Proceedings of the 2021 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies: Demonstrations

We describe Machine-Aided Script Curator (MASC), a system for human-machine collaborative script authoring. Scripts produced with MASC include (1) English descriptions of sub-events that comprise a larger, complex event; (2) event types for each of those events; (3) a record of entities expected to participate in multiple sub-events; and (4) temporal sequencing between the sub-events. MASC automates portions of the script creation process with suggestions for event types, links to Wikidata, and sub-events that may have been forgotten. We illustrate how these automations are useful to the script writer with a few case-study scripts.