Montse Oller


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A Semantics-Aware Approach to Automated Claim Verification
Blanca Calvo Figueras | Montse Oller | Rodrigo Agerri
Proceedings of the Fifth Fact Extraction and VERification Workshop (FEVER)

The influence of fake news in the perception of reality has become a mainstream topic in the last years due to the fast propagation of misleading information. In order to help in the fight against misinformation, automated solutions to fact-checking are being actively developed within the research community. In this context, the task of Automated Claim Verification is defined as assessing the truthfulness of a claim by finding evidence about its veracity. In this work we empirically demonstrate that enriching a BERT model with explicit semantic information such as Semantic Role Labelling helps to improve results in claim verification as proposed by the FEVER benchmark. Furthermore, we perform a number of explainability tests that suggest that the semantically-enriched model is better at handling complex cases, such as those including passive forms or multiple propositions.