Nadia Mana

Also published as: N. Mana


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Annotation and Classification of Relevant Clauses in Terms-and-Conditions Contracts
Pietro Giovanni Bizzaro | Elena Della Valentina | Maurizio Napolitano | Nadia Mana | Massimo Zancanaro
Proceedings of the 2024 Joint International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-COLING 2024)

In this paper, we propose a new annotation scheme to classify different types of clauses in Terms-and-Conditions contracts with the ultimate goal of supporting legal experts to quickly identify and assess problematic issues in this type of legal documents. To this end, we built a small corpus of Terms-and-Conditions contracts and finalized an annotation scheme of 14 categories, eventually reaching an inter-annotator agreement of 0.92. Then, for 11 of them, we experimented with binary classification tasks using few-shot prompting with a multilingual T5 and two fine-tuned versions of two BERT-based LLMs for Italian. Our experiments showed the feasibility of automatic classification of our categories by reaching accuracies ranging from .79 to .95 on validation tasks.


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Automatically Assess Children’s Reading Skills
Ornella Mich | Nadia Mana | Roberto Gretter | Marco Matassoni | Daniele Falavigna
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Tools and Resources to Empower People with REAding DIfficulties (READI)

Assessing reading skills is an important task teachers have to perform at the beginning of a new scholastic year to evaluate the starting level of the class and properly plan next learning activities. Digital tools based on automatic speech recognition (ASR) may be really useful to support teachers in this task, currently very time consuming and prone to human errors. This paper presents a web application for automatically assessing fluency and accuracy of oral reading in children attending Italian primary and lower secondary schools. Our system, based on ASR technology, implements the Cornoldi’s MT battery, which is a well-known Italian test to assess reading skills. The front-end of the system has been designed following the participatory design approach by involving end users from the beginning of the creation process. Teachers may use our system to both test student’s reading skills and monitor their performance over time. In fact, the system offers an effective graphical visualization of the assessment results for both individual students and entire class. The paper also presents the results of a pilot study to evaluate the system usability with teachers.


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The Italian NESPOLE! Corpus: a Multilingual Database with Interlingua Annotation in Tourism and Medical Domains
Nadia Mana | Roldano Cattoni | Emanuele Pianta | Franca Rossi | Fabio Pianesi | Susanne Burger
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC’04)


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The Lexico-semantic Annotation of an Italian Treebank
Nadia Mana | Ornella Corazzari
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC’02)

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Balancing Expressiveness and Simplicity in an Interlingua for Task Based Dialogue
Lori Levin | Donna Gates | Dorcas Pianta | Roldano Cattoni | Nadia Mana | Kay Peterson | Alon Lavie | Fabio Pianesi
Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Speech-to-Speech Translation: Algorithms and Systems


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The Italian Syntactic-Semantic Treebank: Architecture, Annotation, Tools and Evaluation
S. Montemagni | F. Barsotti | M. Battista | N. Calzolari | O. Corazzari | A. Zampolli | F. Fanciulli | M. Massetani | R. Raffaelli | R. Basili | M. T. Pazienza | D. Saracino | F. Zanzotto | N. Mana | F. Pianesi | R. Delmonte
Proceedings of the COLING-2000 Workshop on Linguistically Interpreted Corpora