Naoya Sugiura


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Building a Buzzer-quiz Answering System
Naoya Sugiura | Kosuke Yamada | Ryohei Sasano | Koichi Takeda | Katsuhiko Toyama
Proceedings of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 4: Student Research Workshop)

A buzzer quiz is a genre of quiz in which multiple players simultaneously listen to a quiz being read aloud and respond it by buzzing in as soon as they can predict the answer. Because incorrect answers often result in penalties, a buzzer-quiz answering system must not only predict the answer from only part of a question but also estimate the predicted answer’s accuracy. In this paper, we introduce two types of buzzer-quiz answering systems: (1) a system that directly generates an answer from part of a question by using an autoregressive language model; and (2) a system that first reconstructs the entire question by using an autoregressive language model and then determines the answer according to the reconstructed question. We then propose a method to estimate the accuracy of the answers for each system by using the internal scores of each model.