Nasim Fakoornia


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Establishing Morpho-semantic Relations in FarsNet (a focus on derived nouns)
Nasim Fakoornia | Negar Davari Ardakani
Proceedings of the 8th Global WordNet Conference (GWC)

This paper aims at a morpho-semantic analysis of 2461 Persian derived nouns, documented in FarsNet addressing computational codification via formulating specific morpho-semantic relations between classes of derived nouns and their bases. Considering the ultimate aim of the study, FarsNet derived nouns included 12 most productive suffixes have been analysed and as a consequence 45 morpho-semantic patterns were distinguished leading to creation of 17 morpho-semantic relations. The approach includes a close examination of beginners, grammatical category and part of speech shifts of bases undergoing the derivation process. In this research the morpho-semantic relations are considered at the word level and not at the synset level which will represent a cross-lingual validity, even if the morphological aspect of the relation is not the same in the studied languages. The resulting morpho-semantic formulations notably increase linguistic and operative competence and performance of FarsNet while is considered an achievement in Persian descriptive morphology and its codification.