Nikhil E


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CoPara: The First Dravidian Paragraph-level n-way Aligned Corpus
Nikhil E | Mukund Choudhary | Radhika Mamidi
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Speech and Language Technologies for Dravidian Languages

We present CoPara, the first publicly available paragraph-level (n-way aligned) multilingual parallel corpora for Dravidian languages. The collection contains 2856 paragraph/passage pairs between English and four Dravidian languages. We source the parallel paragraphs from the New India Samachar magazine and align them with English as a pivot language. We do human and artificial evaluations to validate the high-quality alignment and richness of the parallel paragraphs of a range of lengths. To show one of the many ways this dataset can be wielded, we finetuned IndicBART, a seq2seq NMT model on all XX-En pairs of languages in CoPara which perform better than existing sentence-level models on standard benchmarks (like BLEU) on sentence level translations and longer text too. We show how this dataset can enrich a model trained for a task like this, with more contextual cues and beyond sentence understanding even in low-resource settings like that of Dravidian languages. Finally, the dataset and models are made available publicly at CoPara to help advance research in Dravidian NLP, parallel multilingual, and beyond sentence-level tasks like NMT, etc.


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Hopeful Men@LT-EDI-EACL2021: Hope Speech Detection Using Indic Transliteration and Transformers
Ishan Sanjeev Upadhyay | Nikhil E | Anshul Wadhawan | Radhika Mamidi
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Language Technology for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

This paper aims to describe the approach we used to detect hope speech in the HopeEDI dataset. We experimented with two approaches. In the first approach, we used contextual embeddings to train classifiers using logistic regression, random forest, SVM, and LSTM based models. The second approach involved using a majority voting ensemble of 11 models which were obtained by fine-tuning pre-trained transformer models (BERT, ALBERT, RoBERTa, IndicBERT) after adding an output layer. We found that the second approach was superior for English, Tamil and Malayalam. Our solution got a weighted F1 score of 0.93, 0.75 and 0.49 for English, Malayalam and Tamil respectively. Our solution ranked 1st in English, 8th in Malayalam and 11th in Tamil.