Nikita Nikita


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teamPN at TSAR-2022 Shared Task: Lexical Simplification using Multi-Level and Modular Approach
Nikita Nikita | Pawan Rajpoot
Proceedings of the Workshop on Text Simplification, Accessibility, and Readability (TSAR-2022)

Lexical Simplification is the process of reducing the lexical complexity of a text by replacing difficult words with easier-to-read (or understand) expressions while preserving the original information and meaning. This paper explains the work done by our team “teamPN” for the English track of TSAR 2022 Shared Task of Lexical Simplification. We created a modular pipeline which combines transformers based models with traditional NLP methods like paraphrasing and verb sense disambiguation. We created a multi-level and modular pipeline where the target text is treated according to its semantics (Part of Speech Tag). The pipeline is multi-level as we utilize multiple source models to find potential candidates for replacement. It is modular as we can switch the source models and their weighting in the final re-ranking.