Nilo Pedrazzini


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Evaluation of Distributional Semantic Models of Ancient Greek: Preliminary Results and a Road Map for Future Work
Silvia Stopponi | Nilo Pedrazzini | Saskia Peels | Barbara McGillivray | Malvina Nissim
Proceedings of the Ancient Language Processing Workshop

We evaluate four count-based and predictive distributional semantic models of Ancient Greek against AGREE, a composite benchmark of human judgements, to assess their ability to retrieve semantic relatedness. On the basis of the observations deriving from the analysis of the results, we design a procedure for a larger-scale intrinsic evaluation of count-based and predictive language models, including syntactic embeddings. We also propose possible ways of exploiting the different layers of the whole AGREE benchmark (including both human- and machine-generated data) and different evaluation metrics.


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Machines in the media: semantic change in the lexicon of mechanization in 19th-century British newspapers
Nilo Pedrazzini | Barbara McGillivray
Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Digital Humanities

The industrialization process associated with the so-called Industrial Revolution in 19th-century Great Britain was a time of profound changes, including in the English lexicon. An important yet understudied phenomenon is the semantic shift in the lexicon of mechanisation. In this paper we present the first large-scale analysis of terms related to mechanization over the course of the 19th-century in English. We draw on a corpus of historical British newspapers comprising 4.6 billion tokens and train historical word embedding models. We test existing semantic change detection techniques and analyse the results in light of previous historical linguistic scholarship.