Noa P. Cruz Diaz

Also published as: Noa Cruz, Noa P. Cruz, Noa P. Cruz Díaz


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Annotating Negation in Spanish Clinical Texts
Noa Cruz | Roser Morante | Manuel J. Maña López | Jacinto Mata Vázquez | Carlos L. Parra Calderón
Proceedings of the Workshop Computational Semantics Beyond Events and Roles

In this paper we present on-going work on annotating negation in Spanish clinical documents. A corpus of anamnesis and radiology reports has been annotated by two domain expert annotators with negation markers and negated events. The Dice coefficient for inter-annotator agreement is higher than 0.94 for negation markers and higher than 0.72 for negated events. The corpus will be publicly released when the annotation process is finished, constituting the first corpus annotated with negation for Spanish clinical reports available for the NLP community.


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An Analysis of Biomedical Tokenization: Problems and Strategies
Noa P. Cruz Díaz | Manuel Maña López
Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Health Text Mining and Information Analysis


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Detecting Negated and Uncertain Information in Biomedical and Review Texts
Noa P. Cruz Díaz
Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop associated with RANLP 2013


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A review corpus annotated for negation, speculation and their scope
Natalia Konstantinova | Sheila C.M. de Sousa | Noa P. Cruz | Manuel J. Maña | Maite Taboada | Ruslan Mitkov
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'12)

This paper presents a freely available resource for research on handling negation and speculation in review texts. The SFU Review Corpus, consisting of 400 documents of movie, book, and consumer product reviews, was annotated at the token level with negative and speculative keywords and at the sentence level with their linguistic scope. We report statistics on corpus size and the consistency of annotations. The annotated corpus will be useful in many applications, such as document mining and sentiment analysis.