Nomi Baruah


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Assamese Word Sense Disambiguation using Genetic Algorithm
Arjun Gogoi | Nomi Baruah | Shikhar Kr. Sarma
Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON)

Word sense disambiguation (WSD) is a problem to determine a word according to a context in which it occurs. There are plenty amount of works done in WSD for some languages such as English, but research work on Assamese WSD remains limited. It is a more exigent task because Assamese has an intrinsic complexity in its writing structure and ambiguity, such as syntactic, semantic, and anaphoric ambiguity levels.A novel unsupervised genetic word sense disambiguation algorithm is proposed in this paper. The algorithm first uses WordNet to extract all possible senses for a given ambiguous word, then a genetic algorithm is used taking Wu-Palmer’s similarity measure as the fitness function and calculating the similarity measure for all extracted senses. The winner sense which will have the highest score declared as he winner sense.