Nuria Rodríguez-Barroso


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Federated Learning for Exploiting Annotators’ Disagreements in Natural Language Processing
Nuria Rodríguez-Barroso | Eugenio Martínez Cámara | Jose Camacho Collados | M. Victoria Luzón | Francisco Herrera
Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Volume 12

The annotation of ambiguous or subjective NLP tasks is usually addressed by various annotators. In most datasets, these annotations are aggregated into a single ground truth. However, this omits divergent opinions of annotators, hence missing individual perspectives. We propose FLEAD (Federated Learning for Exploiting Annotators’ Disagreements), a methodology built upon federated learning to independently learn from the opinions of all the annotators, thereby leveraging all their underlying information without relying on a single ground truth. We conduct an extensive experimental study and analysis in diverse text classification tasks to show the contribution of our approach with respect to mainstream approaches based on majority voting and other recent methodologies that also learn from annotator disagreements.