Ojasv Kamal


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Adversities are all you need: Classification of self-reported breast cancer posts on Twitter using Adversarial Fine-tuning
Adarsh Kumar | Ojasv Kamal | Susmita Mazumdar
Proceedings of the Sixth Social Media Mining for Health (#SMM4H) Workshop and Shared Task

In this paper, we describe our system entry for Shared Task 8 at SMM4H-2021, which is on automatic classification of self-reported breast cancer posts on Twitter. In our system, we use a transformer-based language model fine-tuning approach to automatically identify tweets in the self-reports category. Furthermore, we involve a Gradient-based Adversarial fine-tuning to improve the overall model’s robustness. Our system achieved an F1-score of 0.8625 on the Development set and 0.8501 on the Test set in Shared Task-8 of SMM4H-2021.