Omar Adjali


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OFU@SMM4H’22: Mining Advent Drug Events Using Pretrained Language Models
Omar Adjali | Fréjus A. A. Laleye | Umang Aggarwal
Proceedings of The Seventh Workshop on Social Media Mining for Health Applications, Workshop & Shared Task

We describe in this paper our proposed systems for the Social Media Mining for Health 2022 shared task 1. In particular, we participated in the three sub-tasks, tasks that aim at extracting and processing Adverse Drug Events. We investigate different transformer-based pretrained models we fine-tuned on each task and proposed some improvement on the task of entity normalization.

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Building Comparable Corpora for Assessing Multi-Word Term Alignment
Omar Adjali | Emmanuel Morin | Pierre Zweigenbaum
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Recent work has demonstrated the importance of dealing with Multi-Word Terms (MWTs) in several Natural Language Processing applications. In particular, MWTs pose serious challenges for alignment and machine translation systems because of their syntactic and semantic properties. Thus, developing algorithms that handle MWTs is becoming essential for many NLP tasks. However, the availability of bilingual and more generally multi-lingual resources is limited, especially for low-resourced languages and in specialized domains. In this paper, we propose an approach for building comparable corpora and bilingual term dictionaries that help evaluate bilingual term alignment in comparable corpora. To that aim, we exploit parallel corpora to perform automatic bilingual MWT extraction and comparable corpus construction. Parallel information helps to align bilingual MWTs and makes it easier to build comparable specialized sub-corpora. Experimental validation on an existing dataset and on manually annotated data shows the interest of the proposed methodology.


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Building a Multimodal Entity Linking Dataset From Tweets
Omar Adjali | Romaric Besançon | Olivier Ferret | Hervé Le Borgne | Brigitte Grau
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

The task of Entity linking, which aims at associating an entity mention with a unique entity in a knowledge base (KB), is useful for advanced Information Extraction tasks such as relation extraction or event detection. Most of the studies that address this problem rely only on textual documents while an increasing number of sources are multimedia, in particular in the context of social media where messages are often illustrated with images. In this article, we address the Multimodal Entity Linking (MEL) task, and more particularly the problem of its evaluation. To this end, we propose a novel method to quasi-automatically build annotated datasets to evaluate methods on the MEL task. The method collects text and images to jointly build a corpus of tweets with ambiguous mentions along with a Twitter KB defining the entities. We release a new annotated dataset of Twitter posts associated with images. We study the key characteristics of the proposed dataset and evaluate the performance of several MEL approaches on it.