Omar Fayez Sadi


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Maknuune: A Large Open Palestinian Arabic Lexicon
Shahd Salah Uddin Dibas | Christian Khairallah | Nizar Habash | Omar Fayez Sadi | Tariq Sairafy | Karmel Sarabta | Abrar Ardah
Proceedings of the Seventh Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop (WANLP)

We present Maknuune, a large open lexicon for the Palestinian Arabic dialect. Maknuune has over 36K entries from 17K lemmas, and 3.7K roots. All entries include diacritized Arabic orthography, phonological transcription and English glosses. Some entries are enriched with additional information such as broken plurals and templatic feminine forms, associated phrases and collocations, Standard Arabic glosses, and examples or notes on grammar, usage, or location of collected entry