Paola Marongiu


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Graph Databases for Diachronic Language Data Modelling
Barbara McGillivray | Pierluigi Cassotti | Davide Di Pierro | Paola Marongiu | Anas Fahad Khan | Stefano Ferilli | Pierpaolo Basile
Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Language, Data and Knowledge


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Challenges in Converting the Index Thomisticus Treebank into Universal Dependencies
Flavio Massimiliano Cecchini | Marco Passarotti | Paola Marongiu | Daniel Zeman
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Universal Dependencies (UDW 2018)

This paper describes the changes applied to the original process used to convert the Index Thomisticus Treebank, a corpus including texts in Medieval Latin by Thomas Aquinas, into the annotation style of Universal Dependencies. The changes are made both to harmonise the Universal Dependencies version of the Index Thomisticus Treebank with the two other available Latin treebanks and to fix errors and inconsistencies resulting from the original process. The paper details the treatment of different issues in PoS tagging, lemmatisation and assignment of dependency relations. Finally, it assesses the quality of the new conversion process by providing an evaluation against a gold standard.

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Enhancing Universal Dependency Treebanks: A Case Study
Joakim Nivre | Paola Marongiu | Filip Ginter | Jenna Kanerva | Simonetta Montemagni | Sebastian Schuster | Maria Simi
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Universal Dependencies (UDW 2018)

We evaluate two cross-lingual techniques for adding enhanced dependencies to existing treebanks in Universal Dependencies. We apply a rule-based system developed for English and a data-driven system trained on Finnish to Swedish and Italian. We find that both systems are accurate enough to bootstrap enhanced dependencies in existing UD treebanks. In the case of Italian, results are even on par with those of a prototype language-specific system.