Patrick Lambert


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The TALP Ngram-based SMT systems for IWSLT 2006
Josep M. Crego | Adrià de Gispert | Patrick Lambert | Maxim Khalilov | Marta R. Costa-jussà | José B. Mariño | Rafael Banchs | José A. R. Fonollosa
Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation: Evaluation Campaign


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Data Inferred Multi-word Expressions for Statistical Machine Translation
Patrick Lambert | Rafael Banchs
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit X: Posters

This paper presents a strategy for detecting and using multi-word expressions in Statistical Machine Translation. Performance of the proposed strategy is evaluated in terms of alignment quality as well as translation accuracy. Evaluations are performed by using the Verbmobil corpus. Results from translation tasks from English-to-Spanish and from Spanish-to-English are presented and discussed.