Pavel Šmerk


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Czech MWE Database
Karel Pala | Lukáš Svoboda | Pavel Šmerk
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'08)

In this paper we deal with a recently developed large Czech MWE database containing at the moment 160,000 MWEs (treated as lexical units). It was compiled from various resources such as encyclopedias and dictionaries, public databases of proper names and toponyms, collocations obtained from Czech WordNet, lists of botanical and zoological terms and others. We describe the structure of the database and compare the built MWEs database with the corpus data from Czech National Corpus SYN2000 (approx. 100 mil. tokens) and present results of this comparison in the paper. These MWEs have not been obtained from the corpus since their frequencies in it are rather low. To obtain a more complete list of MWEs we propose and use a technique exploiting the Word Sketch Engine, which allows us to work with statistical parameters such as frequency of MWEs and their components as well as with the salience for the whole MWEs. We also discuss exploitation of the database for working out a more adequate tagging and lemmatization. The final goal is to be able to recognize MWEs in corpus text and lemmatize them as complete lexical units, i.e. to make tagging and lemmatization more adequate.