Pavlo Vasylenko


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Incorporating Graph Information in Transformer-based AMR Parsing
Pavlo Vasylenko | Pere Lluís Huguet Cabot | Abelardo Carlos Martínez Lorenzo | Roberto Navigli
Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: ACL 2023

Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR) is a Semantic Parsing formalism that aims at providing a semantic graph abstraction representing a given text. Current approaches are based on autoregressive language models such as BART or T5, fine-tuned through Teacher Forcing to obtain a linearized version of the AMR graph from a sentence. In this paper, we present LeakDistill, a model and method that explores a modification to the Transformer architecture, using structural adapters to explicitly incorporate graph information into the learned representations and improve AMR parsing performance. Our experiments show how, by employing word-to-node alignment to embed graph structural information into the encoder at training time, we can obtain state-of-the-art AMR parsing through self-knowledge distillation, even without the use of additional data. We release the code at [](